Minimal maintenance cost

Minimal maintenance cost

Dirt and dust can reduce the amount of energy produced by solar panels. However, the maintenance cost is negligible as there are no moving parts. You can easily maintain it by cleaning it regularly. This will make your solar panel work longer and in an effective manner. More »



Solar energy is an eco-friendly or environment friendly source of energy. It does not release greenhouses gases, carcinogens and CO2 like fossil fuels. Electricity produced from solar panels is emission free. Furthermore, it releases fewer amounts of hazardous gases More »

Electricity Bill Savings

Electricity Bill Savings

Solar energy is a sustainable form of energy that is naturally produced by the sun. Using solar panels at home can help cut electricity cost to half or even less. There is a start up cost associated with it but the cost can be recouped by savings in you electricity bill over a period of time. More »



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Are you looking for the right home solar power system to suit your needs? Well you are not alone; many people are now looking to the sun to provide cheaper more environmentally friendly ways to produce energy to run their households.

To find the right home solar power system to save you money and help the environment you need to consider certain factors. Here are few pointers to help you make a more educated decision when it comes to solar energy and your home.

How many solar power companies do you know of? I’m sure, not many. This idea is ready to explode and it is such a simple business to start and run. Home owners and corporations are tired of seeing their electricity bills continue to rise and now your business will provide them a solution and you can make a fortune and help the environment in the process. It’s just that easy. The secrets to any start-up business is to serve a need in a growing industry and now you will have that chance. Plus, you will have the benefit of ZERO competition.

Why Choose Us

We take pride in offering advanced-technology products that let homeowners and businesses generate their own clean power and even spin their utility meter backwards. Our turbines are also used for off-grid homes, for rural electrification, and to boost the performance of solar electric systems.
The Solar Credits Scheme puts solar panels and solar energy within reach of more regardless of the household income. Our prices for solar panel energy mean that you can afford a PV System for your home and benefit from the savings power solar panels can bring.

We don’t want to melt the polar, so we should all use solar!
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How Much Does A Solar Power System Cost?

Do you have any idea how much installing solar panels for your household is likely to cost? Well this isn’t always a simple figure to produce. It depends on the type of panels you are looking to buy. Also you need to check whether you can get rebates or if there is an incentive scheme in your area.

There are also companies that offer to install your home solar panel system for free. If they do then they will receive the money made from selling back electricity to your utility company whilst you can get free energy. So, don’t waste the time call us now 215-227-5383

Is Your Home Suitable For A Home Solar Power System?

Have you made the following easy to implement changes to reduce your energy usage and make yourself the ideal candidate for a clean renewable solar panel system?

– Switched to CFL light bulbs
– Switched to energy star appliances
– Are you using smart power strips that turn off electricity when not in use?
– Are your windows, doors and insulation working properly so that energy isn’t escaping from your house?

If you haven’t made these changes or are unsure about how to proceed then don’t worry there are professionals that you can contact; that can do an energy audit on your house. These people will show you how to make your house energy efficient and cut down your costs.